A summer breeze is blowing through American Vintage like a dynamic, carefree spirit. The looks are sometimes sporty and sometimes bohemian, awakening the inner child in the American Vintage woman. The easy living life of the 60s and 70s is revisited in the light of the 90s. Somewhere between Italian lightness, Hollywood glamour and the realism of street style, the collection anchors romance in the reality of the urban wardrobe.

The liberated American Vintage woman reveals her shoulders, changes the fit of her trousers and adds fluidity to her look. Movement and yet more movement, out with narrow, rigid cuts and in with lightness and full, floaty cuts.
Long, diaphanous dresses, oversized tunics, flared trousers… the summer wardrobe suggests assertive, easy to wear looks in the fresh, modern spirit of the brand. The jumpsuit is the key piece in the collection and comes in every shape, short or long, fitted or floaty, to be the must-have of the summer.

The colour palette is also flushed with this optimistic outpouring, with its variants of blue and touches of yellow or violet, softened by the delicacy of beige tones. Prints are making a big comeback, from fruity designs to floral motifs, via essential gingham, recalling the casual, happy-go-lucky feel of the 60s.

The energy that emerges from summer 2016 evokes a moment of tranquillity, a sensual and fun Italian touch, the eternal cliché of a perfect moment, that’s totally carefree and easy.